Our Products


Electronic Control (STA-3)

The controller is designed start the pump automatically when the faucet turn on(pressure weaker) and stop the pump when the faucet shut down(water stops)...


Liquid Level Control (ST-99)

The product can effectively control the level of water towers, water tanks etc. by automatic start/off your pump...


Pressure Control (STP-74)

For water system.The control on or off the pump according to the pump automatically according to the setting pressure...

About Shin Tung

Taiwan Company

Taiwan Shintung Electronic Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1966, is specializing in the manufacturing of the RADAR brand water pump pressure control,liquid level control, intelligent pump control,tank level switch,sewage level switch,oil level control etc.,the product is applicable to water tower,water tank,pump,pure water production equipment, water treatment equipment etc...


Myanmar Company

Myanmar Shin Tung Company Limited is a fully authorized subsidiary company of Taiwan Shintung Electronic Industry Company Limited. For over 40 years, Shintung has been providing reliable products to fulfill customer's requirement in water resource management. Radar® is a trademark registered under Shintung. Radar® has a high reputation in East Asia...